Saturday, March 31, 2012

Berry & Rose Elixir

This is a lovely centering elixir designed to lighten and nourish the heart.

In a quart jar combine:

2 parts (ounces) hawthorn berry - to center, nourish and strengthen the heart
1 part rose petals - to calm and soothe
1 part rose hips - to support the tissues
1 part goji berries - to support the adrenals
1 part elder berries - to strengthen and support the immune system
Brandy and honey to cover

I used 2 parts brandy and 1 part honey, and dried herbs. If using fresh roses or berries you will need to use a higher proportion of alcohol to make sure the elixir doesn't go off.

Throw everything into the blender and whir it around until all the berries are broken up. Don't do so far as to make a puree. Macerate for a month, shaking the jar as often as you think to. Strain and bottle. This elixir is thick and jam like and heavily scented with the magic of roses.

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