Thursday, January 19, 2012


I love to make things, especially beautiful things. I am an herbalist and an artist, though my artistry is mostly wrapped up in creating tastes and healing magic. I love medicine making and using plants to heal, as well as to flavor the world around me. I hope to share some of that here.

My roots are in Northern California where I spent every possible moment I could at the Yuba River, hiking down its many trails trying to find a quiet swimming hole with a nice high rock to jump off of. Simple pleasures. The Yuba is very much a part of me and calls me more than any other place. I feel instantly restored as soon as get on one of the dusty trails and slip into the icy water.

Hardly the time of year to be thinking of going swimming though. There are also natural hot springs out there... I imagine myself out snow camping, in a pool of hot water surrounded by snow, sipping a hot ginger decoction (maybe with a little hawthorn and rose added for good measure), and gazing up at the stars.

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